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Our natural live edge rustic mantles are handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, masterpieces of beauty, warmth, and style, that add elegance to your living space. The live edge mantle adds a natural and tranquil element of beauty to any interior design. Each mantle is milled and sculpted from the finest wood, slabs, or reclaimed timbers before becoming the focal point of your home. We offer a wide arrangement for styles of mantles including traditional, live edge, rustic or reclaimed and log, each providing elegance even when the fire isn’t blazing in the hearth. All of our mantles are custom made to fit your home. When considering a custom mantle, you also have a choice of mantle material based on the style you have selected. Our signature mantle is a live edge, Blue Pine (Beetle kill) with corbels, a hand-rubbed finish, made in Wyoming. Additional options for mantles include corbels and wrap around left and right returns. A few examples of wood species to consider when choosing a handcrafted custom mantle include Walnut, Cedar, Hickory, Maple, Red Oak, Blue Stained Pine, Twisted Jumper, Reclaimed Beams (Oak, Fir, Pine).



Measuring for your mantle is easy. There are only three measurements necessary; length, depth and thickness. You can also measure the length and width of your fire box, then add a minimum of 12 inches to the total mantle measurement or add 18 inches if you’d like your mantle to include corbels.


We price our mantles by the linear foot, corbels, and left and right returns are provided at an additional charge (see pricing chart). Please note that custom orders are quoted on an individual basis.

Shipping costs may vary depending on mantle weight, length, and method of shipping.

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